Goalkeeper Premier

The aim of Goalkeeper premier: save as many shots at goal as possible. Do this by moving your mouse in order to move the goalkeeper. Choose your favorite team in the English league and progress all the way to the final and hopefully become champion. Every time you save a shot you gain one glove and if you catch it you get 2. After you’ve accumulated 3 gloves you gain a goal. But watch out! If you let in a goal the opposition gains a glove and the dream of becoming a champion and becoming the next Joe Hart may just disappear.

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OsmanO (29 December 2020):
cool   Cool  Wave  Wave  Wave
picinko (22 December 2020):
Won this with Soham (6th class)
watsonr9 (18 December 2020):
won it with sunderland and didnt concede a goal Clap hands
Yotengo7467 (16 October 2020):
Got to the final but lost nooooooooooooooo
nehaanto (3 October 2020):
i won this with man city
1eon_06 (2 October 2020):
Good Game. I always lose in the Semi-finals.  Cool
hyperbolic (29 September 2020):
I won with Durham City 3-0 against Fylde Afc in the final!! Happy
nehaanto (27 September 2020):
I won with man city Happy  great game
hyperbolic (12 September 2020):
I won with Croydon Athletic 3-1 against Oldham Athletic in the final. Yeah!!
hyperbolic (12 September 2020):
I won with Crawley Down 2-0 against Bolton Wanderers in the final. Yeah!!
hyperbolic (12 September 2020):
I won with Corinthian-Casuals 2-1 against Carlisle United in the final!! Yeah!! Cool  Cool
77777 (3 August 2020):
Manchester United 7 a 0 Manchester City Goleada en el clasico
WhatsUpMyGs (26 July 2020):
I won with Faversham Town 2-1 against everton in the final YAYAY
ArsenalDstroyer (20 July 2020):
ArsenalDstroyer (20 July 2020):
I lost to Didcot town with Arsenal 3-2.
The heck?
IAMAFOOTBALLER (16 July 2020):
cool Cool  Wave
SharkKillerGamerBoy (6 July 2020):
SharkKillerGamerBoy (6 July 2020):
i lost in the FINAL OMG
SharkKillerGamerBoy (5 July 2020):
i always get to round 2 and i lose
SharkKillerGamerBoy (2 July 2020):
best game ever
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